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Romantic Tent

Product Design

Taking the next step from an epic idea to documenting the concept often requires a little help from a ‘friend.’

What to expect:


  • On-site meeting to discuss your ideas

  • Desktop research of relevant data and trends to determine market demand

  • Development of basic budget

  • Summary report including recommendations of ‘next step’


From $1000 +GST

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Business Plan Development

Whether it be for an exciting new idea, business venture or development of an existing product, a quality business plan is crucial to achieving your goals. They are essential for obtaining grants, finance, awards submission and generally, providing a roadmap to ensure long-term success.

What to expect:

  • Initial scoping meeting

  • Background/market research

  • Competitor analysis

  • Budget and financial projections

  • Strategic alignment

  • Risk Analysis


*Tailored to your individual needs

From $3000 +GST

Product and Experience Audit

Every business needs a little ‘shake-up’ every now and then; this is your opportunity to keep your competitive edge and see your product through fresh eyes. We will work with you and your team to provide recommendations for growth and development through a thorough onsite visit and consultation.


Simply - a health check for your product or experience!


What to expect:


  • Onsite meeting

  • Digital audit

  • Summary report


From $1000 +GST

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Writing - Grants and Awards

Because sometimes it’s hard to ‘toot your own horn’! We have proven experience in writing successful grant applications and awards submissions. We pride ourselves in our ability to get to know our clients and ask the right questions to enable us to tell the story that will achieve the desired outcome.


We can assist in writing the entire application or review your team’s submission and provide feedback.


Price to be quoted individually depending on specific award or grant program.

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Image by Maxim Ilyahov

On-Call Marketing Support

We understand that when you run a small business you are the wearer of many hats – the IT guy, marketing department, HR and the list goes on. Allow us to take some of the pressure off and be there to support at your beck and call!


We offer this service through ‘Time Blocks,’ An easy way for clients to access on-call marketing and strategic tourism support. Consulting time can be purchased in blocks of 3, 5 and 10 hours. These hours may be used for phone consultation, document review, or a variety of other purposes.


On call support is $140 per hour +GST (with a discount for purchase of a block of time).

All packages are tailored to each client.
Reach out for more information!

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